Review: Philharmonic wows audience with dramatic effort

by William Hemminger, The Courier & Press
published September 30, 2019


The Rachmaninoff concerto was an absolute delight. Prodigy pianist Daniel Hsu plays with utmost sensitivity and grace and has no difficulty executing all the technical demands of the well-known concerto. Jackson worked very well with the soloist, never overpowering the piano, always maintaining appropriate tempos. For me the highlight was the second movement: the solo piano strums a wistful accompaniment to a soaring flute solo (well done by Leanne Hampton) that is taken up and extended by the clarinet (played beautifully by Thomas Josenhans). The third movement moved dramatically to its conclusion, after which Hsu favored the audience with an encore—an elegant performance of Schumann’s Träumerei.

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